Sonic Flow

Tools for Dataflow-Inspired Audio Signal Processing


Subversion repository

The current development sources reside on the server. You can access the development source by using Subversion or a web browser.

Mailing lists

There are three mailing lists for Sonic Flow on the server: the user list sonicflow-users, the announce list sonicflow-announce and the developer list sonicflow-devel.

To subscribe and unsubscribe to the above lists, just follow the link on the appropriate list name above.

Sonic Flow is being developed under the infrastructure; you can therefore visit the project page for Sonic Flow at for more information.

Graphical user interface

A program such as this needs to have a graphical user interface. However, currently Sonic Flow doesn't have a GUI and there are no resources to make one. Therefore we would ask programmers acquainted with programming GUI's to contact us and eventually to write a GUI for Sonic Flow.

We have written a small GUI proposal mainly to illustrate what we are talking about.

There are some programs with a similar GUI than we propose, and the source code for these programs could be inspected or partly even used in the GUI for Sonic Flow. A few promising programs are:

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