Sonic Flow

Tools for Dataflow-Inspired Audio Signal Processing

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Sonic Flow is a set of C++ libraries and C wrappers for dataflow-inspired audio signal processing. Sonic Flow consists of a feature-rich synchronous dataflow (SDF) library, a set of elementary signal processing blocks and a set of ready-made example applications. The examples illustrate implementing high-quality digital effects utilizing the SDF dataflow library and the signal processing blocks.


Synchronous dataflow library

Example applications

Hear the example sounds of these effects!

Signal processing blocks


The program is released under the GNU General Public License.


Please consult the Sonic Flow file list at for downloading. Currently the latest version is numbered 0.1.6, released January 4, 2003. This distribution has been successfully built on at least a i686-pc-linux-gnu system.

If you wish to access development versions (Subversion repository), please consult the development page. For project information, there's the Sonic Flow project page at


Sonic Flow uses the libsndfile or audiofile library for audio file input and output. If you do not need audio file I/O, you don't need to install either of them.


Code history: view current NEWS or ChangeLog from the Subversion repository.

This signal processing software project was originally carried out at Tampere University of Technology for the course 80961 Signal Processing Project in fall 1998. During the course project, we designed and implemented the release 0.1.0 of this software. The first release was made on December 10, 1998.

The project members were Jarno Seppänen and Sami Kananoja.


The project was originally carried out with facilities courtesy of Audio Research Group of the Signal Processing Laboratory in Tampere University of Technology.

The design process was influenced by Kodo, the Orb, Plastikman, Porter Ricks and Vainqueur.

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